Earth Day: Easy to Care House Plants

House plants are a fun way to add life and brightness into your living space. Indoor house plants do an excellent job of filtering any impurities in the air; they can reduce carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels. Not only are they beneficial for improving air quality levels, but they are also proven to help reduce stress. House plants create a feeling of well-being; they give us a sense of responsibility and can make us feel happier. 

Green thumb or not, we’ve picked some fun, low- maintenance house plants that will add some green into your living space!    



Known for its beautiful split leaves, the Monstera Deliciosa is the perfect house plant that can make a bold and fun statement in your home. This easy to take of plant requires moderate sun-light and light watering, and can grow just about anywhere in your home!


Aloe Vera

Aloe plants are part of the succulent family and do best in dry conditions. It is important that the plant isn’t over watered and that it gets sufficient sunlight. Aloe Vera plants can be used to make many household remedies; you can use the gel inside the plant to treat minor burns.


String of Pearls

This eye-catching succulent is a fun and easy to take care of. String of Pearls requires very little hands-on care and thrives well in average indoor temperatures.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

This insta-worthy house plant can make any space in your house look trendy! These beautiful plants can grown up to 6ft and can easily adapt to surrounding conditions. They require consistent sunlight and must be watered thoroughly.

Tell us your faves below!